The Ixcela story

Ixcela was co-founded by Dr’s Erika Ebbel Angle and Wayne Matson with a group of outstanding scientists (see the biographies of our amazing co-workers). All of us had developed technologies and methods for the study of a range of diseases for diagnosis, predictive diagnostic risk factors and specification of therapy (personalized medicine).

After deep analysis of the complex biochemical profiles for over 1000 compounds in several thousand subjects, it became clear to us that the microbiome (the some 6-10,000 species in the gut – second largest organ in the body) was a critical part of the biochemical web distinguishing normal from disease subjects. Understanding these webs could also allow the prediction of therapeutic response. Additionally, the biochemistry of the microbiome had direct links to the function of other organs including the brain.

This led us beyond the ideas of diagnosis and therapy to the concept of promoting biochemical wellness (“internal fitness”) through measurement and control of the microbiome with specific, personalized intervention based on testing.


Ixcela and the “Omic web”

The basic scientific concepts behind Ixcela are:

  1. Biochemical wellness or “internal fitness” is based on optimum operation of the “Omic web” which consists of the:
    • interaction of the Genome (30,000 some genes)
    • Transcriptome and Proteome (some 100,000+ RNAs and Proteins)
    • Metabolome (some 10,000s of small signaling and process molecules)
    • Microbiome (some 6-10,000 species).
  2. That the composition of the competitive species in the Microbiome is genetically determined initially, but offers the easiest and most significant part of the Omic web for intervention.
  3. That the Omic web is “holographic” and can be well if not completely described by measuring a small subset of critical metabolites

Ixcela Technology

Ixcela’s innovative technology was developed to allow for the measurement of this critical subset of metabolites from just a small drop of blood on a piece of special filter paper. The process:

  1. Using an Ixcela Internal Fitness™ Test kit, a small drop of blood from a finger stick is placed on a filter paper pad.
  2. The kit is closed and the blood is rapidly dried to stabilize critical compounds.
  3. On receipt the exact amount of blood is determined using proprietary Ixcela technology.
  4. The 12 key metabolites of interest are then extracted from the blood on the filter paper.
  5. The metabolites are then analyzed using a liquid chromatography (LC) technique employing Electro chemical Array Detection (ECA) originally invented by Dr. Matson, which he modified for the Ixcela test for greater sensitivity (a few thousandths of a trillionth of a gram).
  6. A report is generated from the analysis of the 12 key metabolites and evaluated against what is considered to be a normal, healthy range of levels

Ixcela’s objective

  1. To promote and facilitate internal fitness by the process of easy measurement of an individual’s biochemical state of several key metabolites
  2. To make appropriate suggestions of dietary or life-style changes
  3. To make appropriate personalized suggestions of supplements when needed
  4. Re-measure the individual’s profile periodically to monitor the beneficial effects of the changes, with the goal of improved internal fitness leading to overall better health and well-being